Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Absolute Worst "Best Albums" List...Ever.

Apparently, a web site called AskMen.com (which seems to be sort of a vaguely male version of Cosmo) has decided to compile a list of the Top 200 albums of all time. They really should have spared us the effort. Click the topic to see the carnage for yourself.

There are the usual no-brainers on the list. "Exile on Main Street", "Nevermind", "Sgt. Pepper", "Achtung Baby", and "The Wall" show up on these sorts of lists all the time, as do the requisite works by Dylan, Marley and Van Morrisson. After the usual suspects, the list quickly heads off into the realm of the surreal.

Consider this simple fact: the list includes Tesla and Skid Row.

That's right, "The Joshua Tree" didn't pass muster, but Tesla's "The Great Radio Controversy" is deemed a classic.

Other strokes of genius include Foreigner, Temple of the Dog, and Billy Joel's "Piano Man". Meanwhile, there is no sign of REM's enormously influential "Chronic Town", Steve Earle's "Copperhead Road", the Waterboys "Fisherman's Blues" or anything by the Ramones or X.

And don't even ask how they ended up calling Cheap Trick's "Live at Buddokan" a "soft rock" album.

If this is greatness, I will choose to dwell proudly in mediocrity!