Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dirty Money Talks

The Union Leader reports that executives of Lakes Region Greyhound Park have been indicted for running a $200 million illegal gambling operation in cahoots with the Gambino organized crime family.

This is bad enough, but it gets worse. The owners of the track have been sharing the wealth with members of the New Hampshire political community.

According the published reports, the track donated to Tom Colantuono's 1996 congressional campaign. Colantuono is now the US Attorney for New Hampshire. Amazingly, Colantuano will not commit to recusing himself from the case.

In addition, the track bosses have made numerous contributions to the NH Democratic Party over the past decade, and they have "invested" heavily in state senators from both parties.

Some of the recipients of Lakes Region's generosity are the usual suspects (Lou D'Allesandro, Tom Eaton), but others, such as Sen. Iris Estabrook and Sen. Dick Green, generally know better.

So, here is my challenge to the politicos who have taken money from these jokers. Don't give the money back. Give an equivalent amount to a social service agency that treats gambling addiction. Lakes Region's money is dirty money, and it is time to make a statement that we neither want nor need their influence in state government.