Monday, January 10, 2005

A Good Start

It's official. John Lynch is governor.

If you are looking for soaring rhetoric and grand vision, then Lynch probably isn't your guy. But his inaugural address did touch on the crucial issues of public ethics and fiscal responsibility, two things that were in short supply during the Benson administration.

Gov. Lynch's initial steps, such as requiring greater disclosure by executive-level staffers, are worthy and long overdue. Hopefully, they will begin the process of doing away with the insulated "Planet Concord" mindset that too frequently pervades New Hampshire's political culture.

I have filed legislation that would require lobbyists to report not only there direct lobbying expenses, but also any campaign contributions they make to candidates and committees. In addition, candidates would be required to clearly show any donations from lobbyists. Under the current system, it's easy to conceal such special interest goodies as contributions from "attorneys" or "consultants". It's deceptive, and it needs to change.