Saturday, January 29, 2005

"Profiles in Courage" this isn't...

From Kevin Landrigan's column in the Nashua Telegraph:

Quote of the week

“I’m the Darth Vader who spoke to the mayor of Manchester.’’
- Verizon lobbyist Erle Pierce playfully confesses he’s the one who last year helped convince Mayor Robert Baines to back off support of legislation to let cities and towns apply the local property tax to telephone poles and wires.

This is pathetic. The mayor never contacted the members of the Manchester legislative delegation to discuss this issue, yet he rolls over like a puppy for a lobbyist looking to preserve special-interest goodies for his client. For this sort of nonsense, Manchester taxpayers are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to a politically-connected law firm to monitor legislation? Where is the disgust?


From Riley Yate's "City Hall" column in this morning's Union Leader:

"Aldermen are considering a quirky formula for increasing the mayor's pay beyond its current $68,000 a year".

Nice timing, guys.