Sunday, February 06, 2005

From the Sunday Papers

PoliticsNH's James Pindell reports on John Edwards' speech to a NH Democratic Party fundraising dinner in Manchester last night. Money quote:

By the end of the night State Rep. Bette Lasky, (D-Nashua) was recalling a similar speech Edwards gave in front of the same group in October 2002.

“He is much more polished now and I think he’d have a lot more support from the establishment if he were to run again,” Lasky said.

And just how is this is a positive?

Tom Fahey's "Under the State House Dome" column reports that Gov. Lynch will unveil his education funding proposal. Thus far, details about the Lynch plan have been hard to come by, but Fahey indicates that the plan will use a targeted aid formula based upon property values and median income. This probably bodes well for Manchester, but as is always the case with ed funding issues, the devil is in the details.