Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Let the frivolity commence

It appears that Andrew Cline, the editorial page editor at the Union-Leader, either suffers from a severe case of cranial-rectal inversion or was born without a sense of fun.

In this morning's UL, I was taken to task for my sponsorship of a resolution honoring Manchester's minor league baseball team, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. The Fisher Cats, a class AA affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, won the 2004 Eastern League championship.

Mr. Cline believes that those of us who support a resolution recognizing the team's accomplishments are not taking our legislative duties setiously. This is rather interesting, since I am usually accused of taking these responibilities too seriously and too wonkishly. Accusations of frivolity are something new. I suppose I must be lightening up in my old age.

At any rate, for Mr. Cline's edification, I have sponsored legislation to:

Revise the charter school approval process
Provide employment leave for crime victims
Establish a research and development tax credit
Study the feasibility of a non-emergency 311 system
Reduce mercury in landfills
Establish a commission on economic independence
Provide free admission to state parks for members of the National Guard
Provide economic incentives for businesses to utilize alternative fuel vehicles
Modify the scope of injuries admissible in a victim impact statement

Frivolous, huh?